4 in 1 Rosary Pliers Too, wire working, Looping, Wire Cutting Pliers,


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4 in 1 Rosary Pliers Too, wire working, Looping, Wire Cutting Pliers,


4 in 1 Rosary Pliers - 4 tools in one! Economy Rosary Pliers includes: Looping Pliers, Wire cutting Pliers, Flat Nose Pliers and Jump Ring Pliers in ONE TOOL! How neat is that!

Economic wire looping pliers include a wire cutter, jump ring pliers and flat nose pliers in one!

Saves so much time while you work. Rosary pliers were designed to make quick work of forming loops and cutting the resulting loop off a spool of wire to quickly form beaded Rosary chain, beaded dangles for earrings and bracelets or necklaces without having to constantly alternate tools back and forth from looper to cutter = this 2 tools in one design is a real blessing!

Both jaws taper to a thin point for a variety of different size loops, the cutter allows you to cut the end of the wire after stringing on the bead so you can easily make a loop on the other end of the wire, then create another loop, add another bead and continue on joining loops and beads into a consecutive chain to make rosaries or any other piece of jewelry.

This tool goes one step further by adding jump ring tools to open and close Jump rings and flatten them so the ends of the jump ring are closed!

This is a very easy to use tool that saves you precious time and money - no more picking up one tool to make the loops, putting it down and the picking up your cutters to cut the wire! What a pain! Do it all quickly with ONE TOOL! With this tool, when your chain is done, now you don't even have to search for jump ring or flat nose pliers!

An AWESOME invention!

Please note - the cutter is not for cutting memory wire.

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Product Attributes

Primary Material: Hardened Carbon Steel

Size: 4 IN 1 Rosary Pliers

Pattern: 4 in 1 Rosary Pliers

Color: Black

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Why are seed beads sold by weight and not by the count? Metallic beads, metal vapor coated, silver, copper and brass lined beads weigh more per bead than the transparent glass or matte finished beads and some colors of glass have metals in them, such as the red, yellow and orange colors. Because there are thousands different sizes, colors and finishes of seed beads, it's impossible to estimate the number of beads per gram in each color and finish.


TheGemmedGiraffe on Mar 22, 2015
5 stars

Thank you so much for the tips on how to keep metallic seed beads in good shape when beading. I really appreciate it. I have been looking for this size bead for a while and am so glad to have found you.
Patron129202 on Mar 14, 2015
5 stars

Patron129202 on Jul 11, 2014
5 stars

Patron129202 on Jun 1, 2013
5 stars

DesignsByMalone on Mar 6, 2013
5 stars

Quick delivery. Thank you.

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