10 days of scenes for Elf on the Shelf: Toy Chest Series


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10 days of scenes for Elf on the Shelf: Toy Chest Series


10 scene setups for 10 days of activities for a daily holiday visitor tradition (similar to an Elf on the Shelf). This is the "Toy Chest" series. Scenes come ready to use, with pictures and instruction for suggested setup. Most scenes take less than 3 minutes to get ready. Colors may vary. ELF IS NOT INCLUDED.

Scenarios are: Air Mail back to Santa; Toy Chest- playing with toys (5 scenarios with various props); Don't Mind Me; Reindeer School; Reindeer Testing; Artist Elf; and Practical Joker.

What's in the box:
• Instructions for Setup with pictures
• Hand painted Toy Chest
• Yo-yo
• Rubik’s cube
• Monkeys in a barrel
• Slinky
• Toy testing letter
• Whoopee cushion
• Wooden easel
• Reindeer School blueprints
• Pointer
• Reindeer testing list
• Air mail envelope
• Completed letter to Santa - Safe arrival
• Completed letter to Santa - Good behavior (included in kits shipping after 11/27)
• Blank letter to Santa
• “Don’t mind me” hanging sign
• Hand painted art on canvas
• Ornament
• Paintbrush
• Rubber bands to help attach things to elf’s hands

In addition to items provided, you will need a couple of your child’s own toys/animals to enhance a few of the scenes.

Air Mail Letter to Santa:
The elf has arrived in your home, and is sending a letter air mail back to Santa to let him know of his safe arrival. There are 3 options for the letter, two are generic and completely filled in (safe arrival and good behavior), the other is blank with a template for you to fill in the name of your child(ren) and details about the home. If you have already done a first day scene, write a note to your child(ren) about something good they’ve done recently that elf observed.
Props: Air Mail envelope, Letter.

Toy Chest 5 Scenarios:
There are up to 5 scenarios available for the Toy chest.
Props: Toy Chest, Toy Testing letter from Santa, Rubiks cube, Yo-yo, Monkeys in a Barrel, Slinky
Scenario 1: Discovering the chest. Elf sits by an open or closed toy chest reading the note from Santa about testing the toys. Scenarios 2-5: Elf plays with the toys, possibly joined by some of your child’s own toys/animals. Tangle him in the yo-yo string, partially twist the Rubiks cube, find a fun place to hang the monkeys in a barrel from, have him dangle from the slinky or get stuck in it.

Don’t Mind Me:
Elf is hiding in plain sight to observe your child(ren). Consider an unusual hiding spot, like standing in a drinking glass on the counter, peeking out from a kleenex box, or looking over the top of the TV.
Props: “Don’t Mind Me” hanging sign

Reindeer School:
Elf is trying to teach some of the local toys how to be reindeer. You will need a few of your child’s own toys to be the “students”. Use a rubber band to keep the pointer in the elf’s hand.
Props: Easel, Reindeer School blueprint, pointer, additional toys from your child (tiger and dinosaur not included)

Reindeer Testing:
After completing reindeer school, the toys will try their hand at flying while elf goes over the checklist. Roll the ends of the paper a little to give it a nice scroll look if it flattened out during shipping. Line the other toys up as if they are waiting their turn to try flying.
Props: Reindeer School blueprints on easel (in background), Reindeer Testing checklist, additional toys from your child

Artist Elf:
Elf is trying his hand at painting a Christmas Scene. Use a rubber band to keep the paintbrush in the elf’s hand. This is the same easel used in the Reindeer School setup.
Props: Easel, Canvas, Ornament, Paintbrush.

Practical Joker:
Elf is playing a joke on one of the other toys. Consider placing the animal being pranked on an actual chair or on your couch, with elf peeking out between cushions or over the chair back to see his joke happening.
Props: Whoopee cushion, might use toy chest as a seat for elf, additional animal/toy from your child

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Occasion: Christmas

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