10 days of scenes for Elf on the Shelf: Around the House Series

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10 days of scenes for Elf on the Shelf: Around the House Series


10 scene setups for 10 days of activities for a daily holiday visitor tradition (similar to an Elf on the Shelf). This is the "Around the House" series. Scenes come ready to use, with pictures and instruction for suggested setup. Most scenes take less than 3 minutes to get ready. Colors may vary. ELF IS NOT INCLUDED.

Scenarios are: Air Mail back to Santa; Naughty or Nice; Gardening; Planting Candy Canes; Harvesting Candy Canes; Baking Cookies; Bath Time; Laundry Day; Disguise Glasses; and Making Cocoa

What's in the box:
• Instructions for Setup with pictures
• Air mail envelope
• Completed letter to Santa - safe arrival
• Completed letter to Santa - good behavior
• Blank letter to Santa
• Wheelbarrow
• Candy Cane Seeds
• 3 Flower Pots
• Flower pot filling
• Candy Canes
• Clipboard with Naughty/Nice Checklist
• Hot Cocoa and Straw
• Rainbow bath towel
• Rubber Ducky
• Fake Bubbles
• Cookie Cutter
• Cookie accessories
• Disguise glasses
• Laundry Line
• Clothespins
• Christmas “laundry” to hang up (assorted baubles)
• Rubber bands to help attach things to elf’s hands.

In addition to materials provided, you will need to supply a pot or large bowl for “Bath Time”, a coffee mug for “Making Hot Cocoa” and a small bowl or dish for “Laundry Day”.

Air Mail Letter to Santa:
The elf has arrived in your home, and is sending a letter air mail back to Santa to let him know of his safe arrival. There are 3 options for the letter, two are generic and completely filled in (safe arrival and good behavior), the other is blank for you to fill in the name of your child(ren) and details about the home. If you have already done a first day scene, write a note to your child(ren) about something good they’ve done recently that elf observed.
Props: Air Mail envelope, Letter.

Naughty or Nice:
Elf has his clipboard and checklist from Santa to see who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.
Props: Clipboard, Naughty/Nice list

Planting Candy Canes (3 day series):
The elf has decided to do some gardening.
Day 1: He grabbed his wheelbarrow and loaded it up with flower pots and candy cane seeds.
Day 2: Elf is planting the seeds. See if this will fit on a windowsill. Candy cane seeds can “grow” for as long as you want them to. Put a cottonball in the bottom of each pot, and put the Spanish moss on top of that.
Day 3: Harvest time. Elf is picking the candy canes that grew. Stick a candy cane in each pot. The cotton balls underneath should keep the candy canes from falling down inside. Additional candy canes can be kept in their wrappers, “harvested” in the wheelbarrow for your kids to eat later.
Props: Wheelbarrow, flower pots, candy cane seeds, candy canes, cotton balls, Spanish moss

Baking Cookies:
Elf has decided to try his hand in the kitchen. You need to add your own flour/sugar/salt/brown sugar/ baking soda (any white powder you have – the post office frowns upon mailing that to you). Make a fun mess in the flour, consider adding an egg or rolling pin or bottle of food coloring or any other baking supply you have to make it look like the elf got the ingredients from your own kitchen.
Props: cookie cutter, sprinkles, muffin cups.

Bath Time:
Elf got a little messy doing all those fun activities. Time for him to take a bath! You will need to provide a pot or large bowl for the “tub”. The polyester bubbles will expand a lot once you take them out of the bag, enough to cover elf in a medium sized pot. DO NOT USE WATER!!
Props: Bubbles, bath towel, rubber duck, pot or bowl that you provide

Laundry Day:
Elf has decided to get things spic and span. He’s washing things to get them shiny and clean, and hanging them on the line to dry. You have been given a lengthy amount of Christmas string, tie it between 2 existing spots, possibly stair railings or branches on your Christmas tree, or use objects like 2 liter bottles of soda to tie it between. Use the clothespins to attach the items to the line. Get your own small bowl or cup, and put a handful of fake bubbles in it. This is your suds bucket. Use one of the clothespins to pin elf’s hand to the line like he is hanging something up if you want him standing.
Props: Laundry line, clothes pins, items to hang, bubbles for suds bucket, your own small bowl to use as bucket.

Disguise Glasses:
Elf is trying out a new disguise. You will definitely need to use a rubberband or tape to hold the glasses on behind his head.
Props: disguise glasses

Making Cocoa:
Nothing is more cozy than making a nice warm mug of hot chocolate. Provide your own mug, you only need to heat the water enough to make the cocoa mix dissolve. Don’t get the mug too full and the elf’s collar can hook on the edge of the mug to hold him up.
Props: Hot chocolate mix, crazy straw

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Occasion: Christmas

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