10 days of scenes for Elf on the Shelf: Decorating the Tree Series


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10 days of scenes for Elf on the Shelf: Decorating the Tree Series


10 scene setups for 10 days of activities for a daily holiday visitor tradition (similar to an Elf on the Shelf). This is the "Decorating the Tree" series. Scenes come ready to use, with pictures and instruction for suggested setup. Most scenes take less than 3 minutes to get ready. Colors may vary. ELF IS NOT INCLUDED.

Scenarios are: Air Mail back to Santa; Captive!; Spy Bag; Bringing in the Tree; Starting to Decorate; Testing the Lights; Wrapping Presents; Final Tree Setup; Santa Tracker 9000; and You're a Star.

What's in the box:
• Instructions for Setup with pictures
• 14" Artificial Tree
• 8 Army Men
• Pipe Cleaner Restraint
• Air mail envelope
• Completed letter to Santa - Safe arrival
• Completed letter to Santa - Good behavior
• Blank letter to Santa
• “You’re a Star” silver wooden star
• 5' Light Strand
• 4 Ornaments
• 6 Christmas Presents
• Wrapping paper rolls
• Red Garland Beads
• “Spy” Gift Bag
• Santa Radar Screen
• Rubber bands to help attach things to elf’s hands.

Air Mail Letter to Santa:
The elf has arrived in your home, and is sending a letter air mail back to Santa to let him know of his safe arrival. There are 3 options for the letter, two are generic and completely filled in (safe arrival and good behavior), the other is blank with a template for you to fill in the name of your child(ren) and details about the home. If you have already done a first day scene, write a note to your child(ren) about something good they’ve done recently that elf observed.
Props: Air Mail envelope, Letter.

The elf has been spotted and captured by the local toys. Use provided army men and pipe cleaner restraint, feel free to enhance with your children’s own toys.
Props: Army Men, Pipe Cleaner Restraint

Spy Bag:
After his capture by the Army Men, the elf has decided to do a little more discreet spying from safe within his gift bag hiding spot, complete with peephole. Consider placing under your tree, or somewhere else that a gift bag might fit in to make it more challenging for your child(ren) to find the elf on this day. If you can’t get the elf to keep his eye against the peephole, just tape him inside the bag. You can also write the name(s) of your children on the tag.
Props: Gift Bag with peephole cut in it.

Bringing in the Tree:
Elf has enlisted the help of the Army men (and other local toys) to help bring in the Christmas Tree. The tree will come with the branches compressed from shipping. You can leave them compressed for this day.
Props: Tree, Army Men, Garland beads

Starting to Decorate:
Elf has set up and is starting to decorate the tree, with the assistance of the army men. For tree setup, go ahead and fluff out the tree branches now. Pick a spot to place the tree that you don’t mind it staying for a few days, like on a shelf, mantle, or if you have large windowsills. It’s up to you if you leave it through to Christmas or not, or the tree can move with the elf but that’s more work for you.
Props: Tree, Army Men, Garland Beads, Ornaments

Testing the Lights:
Elf is testing the Christmas lights to see if they work, and untangling them. You can decide if they go on the tree later or not.
Props: Christmas light strand, close to an outlet to plug in

Wrapping Presents:
The Army Men are helping Elf wrap presents. Scatter the rolls of wrapping paper (several rolled up together for shipping) around the elf. You can also add bits of your own paper or ribbons or scissors for a more authentic feel, or tangle him in scotch tape. If you are careful, you can prop a present between 2 army men so it looks like they are carrying it.
Props: Army Men, Presents, Wrapping paper rolls

Final Tree Setup:
Elf and the army men have finished all the preparations for the tree. It is up, wrapped in garland and lights, decorated with ornaments, and the last presents are being placed underneath. You can get elf to stand next to the tree by wedging one arm within the branches. Rubber band his arm if necessary.
Props: Tree, Ornaments, lights, garland beads, presents, army men

Santa Tracker 9000:
The Army Men and Elf are keeping an eye on Santa’s progress with the Santa Tracker 9000 radar system. Use 2 of the army men to prop up the radar screen.
Props: Army Men, Santa Tracker 9000 Radar

You’re a Star:
Save this for the day after your child(ren) does something great. Use the rubber band to keep the star propped up if necessary. The star will want to push the elf backwards, so prop him in a corner or against something on this day. You can also add this star to the top of the tree after you use it.
Props: You’re a Star!

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