Red and Green Handmade Catnip Squiggle Bug Cat Toy

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Red and Green Handmade Catnip Squiggle Bug Cat Toy


This is yet another species of unique and whimsical Catnip Squiggle Bugs. This particular cat toy was knit using two strands of acrylic yarn (one red and one green) held together, resulting in a thick and durable body. The tail was crocheted into a curly corkscrew squiggle and is securely sewn onto the body. The eyes are gold chain links backed by black felt and are very securely sewn on. Your cat's safety is always a priority when I create these toys. Protruding from the creature's green smile is a 4 inch long red and green braided tongue. The entire body of the toy is filled with my own potent home grown organic catnip. I filled a section of pantyhose with the catnip and tied off the end so you won't have bits of catnip all over the place as your cat plays with this toy. The pantyhose contains the catnip, but allows the scent to come through completely. This toy is lightweight enough for your cat to carry around and measures about two inches wide and 15 inches long from the tip of his tongue to the tip of his squiggly tail. My in house product tester, Calcifer showed that either the tongue or the tail can be used for grabbing and carrying the Squiggle Bug ;) Want to make your cat purr in delight (and possibly act like a complete clown)? Get them one of these toys and watch the fun! Even better- I'll include a free bag of my dried organic catnip with each order! And with the red and green colors this Squiggle Bug would make a great Christmas present for your favorite feline. :)

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I love cats and I love making cats happy! I grow my own (very potent) catnip and use it to absolutely STUFF these whimsical toys. I enjoy letting my creativity go when it comes to designing the different Squiggle Bugs. I watch how my own cats play and take note of what they like. Calcifer likes long tails, tongues, tentacles, etc. that he can grab with teeth or claws and drag the toy around with. Ginko like something he can sink his teeth into and carry around. All of my Squiggle bugs have these features, and all have been approved by both Calcifer and Ginko ;)

Materials Used

acrylic yarn, organic dried catnip, chain links, felt

More Info

If this isn't exactly what you're looking for feel free to email me at for custom orders or any questions you may have about my work.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Acrylic yarn, organic catnip

Size: Medium cat toy 2 inches wide, 15 inches long

Pattern: Red and green Squiggle Bug

Color: Green

Scent: catnip

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EccentricElectric on Jun 27, 2013
5 stars

Patron163507 on Oct 3, 2012
5 stars

thanks so much :)
KConkle on Sep 14, 2012
5 stars

This baby boy sculpture is absolutely adorable! Michelle is very talented and a pleasure to work with.
SleepyCatDesigns on Oct 29, 2011
5 stars

What a lovely transaction from start to finish! Great communication and fast shipping from this artisan who has a personable and helpful attitude. Michelle really knows how to make her customers feel important! My cat Chester tried to help me "open" the shipping envelope that had this catnip in it, so I guess he could smell it through two sealed bags! I can't wait to make a toy for him to try it out!
cindybarb238 on Oct 11, 2011
5 stars

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