DIY FULL KIT For Baby Moccasin Making: Leather+Tools / Barefoot Shoes


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DIY FULL KIT For Baby Moccasin Making: Leather+Tools / Barefoot Shoes


Leather & Tool KIT For Leather Baby Moccasin Making

The KIT includes :
- a leather piece allowing you to make Baby moccasins from 6 month old to 2-3 years old in size.
- an awl to make holes in the leather by hand before sewing it
- two big saddle needles.
- enough waxed thread to make a pair

It does NOT include :
- the tutorial and patterns (please see link at the bottom of this description)
- scissors (good sharp leather scissors are sold separately, please see link at the bottom of this description)

I have selected one of the MOST SUITABLE HIGH QUALITY OF FRENCH BULL LEATHER for making comfortable and durable moccasins.

It is full-grain aniline leather characterized by it's soft and waxy touch with a natural finish (no acrylic, natural grain). It is dyed in the mass, colors are very stable.

It is treated for better stain and water resistance and complies to very high standards in terms of health and environmental regulations by the European law.


-What are Moccasins?

They are soft-soled shoes or barefoot-shoes. Made of 100% leather, they act and feel just like a second-skin.

They will well protect the feet from sharp objects, dirt, ect; while at the same time allowing to feel the ground’s texture.

They are suitable to where indoors and outdoors although they will need to be re-soled once in a while for durability.

Children usually love them as they allow the child to have a better balance and agility than with rigid shoes. I advise you to make them quite large so that they are easier to put on and also in order to prevent putting any constraint on the soft and growing feet of the little ones. Adding a leather lace around the ankle will safely keep them on and permit size adjustments as the feet grow and/or for socks.

-What is special about the Baby Moccs Tutorial (NOT INCLUDED HERE) ?

We will start with the “Moon” moccasins technique and I will show you how to adapt the pattern to make it into a “Leaf” style. The LEAF moccasin is a variation of the MOON moccasin. Instead of having only one piece of leather, it is done in two pieces which allows using smaller pieces of leather and 2 colors. Making baby moccasins is a good project to make use of the off-cuts of leather you could have. For the rest, we will use the exact same principle than in others of my patterns, with means standard templates for the front part of the shoe that we combine with a personalized fitting for the heel. This is how you will be able to fit (almost) everyone with patterns based on the width of the feet.


Have you also thought of:

Extra Leather for Soles Making:


Notice that due to COVID19, we have experienced delays in delivery, especially to US, up to 45 days !
For the EU, generally up to 2-3 weeks max.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Leather, needles, awl, thread

Size: KIDS sizes

Color: Silver

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All Other Countries
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United States
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Additional Items: $ 7.00


For all our DIY Video Tutorials & Patterns:

As soon as you have purchased one of our video tutorials + PDF and patterns, you will receive an email with the tutorial and patterns in attachment. Make sure that the email you have connected to your ArtFire account is correct and still the one you are using. You might also have to check your spam box... It might takes few hours before you receive that email, usually maximum 24 hours.

After choosing the right size of pattern which we explain in the tutorial and the videos as well... You will have to print the right pattern in full scale 100%...

You will also receive a link to access our online platform where you will be able to watch the video courses.
We invite you to first watch it all and/or to read the PDF before starting your pair of earthing moccasins.

Please understand that, due to the digital format of these items, no refund will be possible after I have sent the tutorial and pattern in PDF document...

For the made-to-order custom-fitted Earthing Moccasins:

Since each person have different feet, we will ask you for a few measurements to make sure Lougaya makes them to fit as close as possible to your feet so that they can truly become your second skin. Within the first week of wearing them, the leather will also stretch a little to perfect the fitting.

Lougaya has a good rate of good-fittings (8-9/10) yet there is also a risk that the fitting can go wrong, in such case, I will treat each case individually (including refund or sending another pair).

If you gave us the wrong measurements, no refund possible...


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