Mechanic's Gardener Chef Painter Orange Scrubby Pumice Soap


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Mechanic's Gardener Chef Painter Orange Scrubby Pumice Soap


Mechanic's soap is for the gardener, painter, mechanic, yard worker, farmer, chef or a plumber. It helps remove the toughest grease, oils, grunge and grime. Contains pumice, blue cornmeal and citrus oils that degrease, exfoliate and help get rid of ground in dirt. Mechanic's soap is made with natural ingredients like Orange oil and Mango Butter and superfatted at 7%. It is made without harsh chemicals so it's easier on the hands, elbows or knees. It will clean thoroughly but won't strip your skin of natural moisture. Buy one for your dad. Makes a wonderful and unique gift for a gardener, herbalist, botanist, boyfriend, fiance or as a unique handmade gift.

The yellow color of the soap comes from the citrus oils and is natural. Keep a bar in the kitchen and one at work. Helps cut down on odors on the hands too, so if you go fishing take this mechanic's soap with you. Dislodge the dirt and give the grease a heave ho! Get this soap for your favorite grease monkey.

To prolong the life of this soap, do not leave sitting in a water puddle and let the soap dry between uses. Each soap is at least 4.5 ozs. As each bar is cut by hand, there might be slight variations in size and weight. Soap dish is not included.

Ingredients include:
Olive Oil: Conditions and cleans
Coconut Oil: Cleanses; enhances bubbles
Castor Oil: Adds creamy lather
Mango Butter: Adds moisturizing properties
Pumice powder: Exfoliating for deeply embedded dirt and grime
Blue Cornmeal: Scrubbing, exfoliating
Citrus Oil Blend: Helps degrease to wash away dirt and impurities

Ingr: Olive, Coconut, Palm Kernel, Castor, Mango Butter, Soybean, Beeswax, Pumice, Cornmeal, Citrus Oil Blend.

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Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I like to work with my hands and I also work in the garden, so I get my hands dirty. I also like to go barefoot as I live in the desert where it's warm to hot most of the time. I wanted to create a soap that would get rid of deep ground dirt and also exfoliate dry skin without drying it out. That's how I created this Mechanic's soap. I keep a bar at the sink when I come in from working outside and bring this soap with me into the shower to help scrub my feet. It works wonderfully!

Materials Used

Ingr: Olive, Coconut, Palm Kernel, Castor, Mango Butter, Soybean, Beeswax, Pumice, Cornmeal, Citrus Oil Blend with Orange and May Chang Litsea.

More Info

Ginger's Garden sells many other handmade handcrafted artisan soaps, natural lip balms, bath body and shower gels, fragrance sprays, body oils and glycerin soap flowers. See my store at


Product Attributes

Color: Brown

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Additional Information
I use the best ingredients that I can get. I also use local ingredients whenever possible. My cold process soaps are made from natural Olive, Coconut, Castor and Mango Butter. They may contain essential oils, high quality, phthalate free fragrance oils and FD&C colorants, micas, ultramarines or oxides.

All my soaps are made with natural oils like coconut, olive, castor and mango butter. They are gentle to your skin and the scents will leave you gently fragrant. They are made in small batches and well cured. Support the handmade, artisan industry and purchase a Ginger's Garden soap.

Essential oils I use are highly concentrated oils extracted from flowers, resins, plants and trees. Whether essential oils or fragrances, all my soaps are safe to use for just about anyone. Soap is a wash off product, so it will clean, remove dirt, but will not strip the skin of natural moisture.

Some of my soaps are unscented like the goat's milk or castile soap. This soap is ideal for anyone that has sensitive skin. For babies over six months, I suggest my castile soap, which is made with virgin olive oil and has no fragrance or color. Some soaps have a mild, natural soap scent, even with no essential oil or fragrance added.

I welcome wholesale orders. Please email me for more information.
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5 stars

Thank you for another great transaction!
ThaddeusRose on Sep 14, 2014
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KnottyQuilts on Aug 18, 2014
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Top quality products, easy communication and fast shipping!!
ThaddeusRose on Aug 14, 2014
5 stars

Thank you for making a great product!
stonemountainjewelry on Jun 13, 2014
5 stars

I can't wait to see the guys' faces when they open this soap. I love the earthy fragrance, I know they will too. Thank you for such fast shipping!

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