55 Bindi packets - Bellydance Bindis - Bollywood Bindis- Bindi tattoos


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55 Bindi packets - Bellydance Bindis - Bollywood Bindis- Bindi tattoos


55 Bindi packets - Bellydance Bindis - Bollywood Bindis- Bindi tattoos -Self adhesive Bindi stickers

This listing is for 55 beautiful Bindi packs..+ 5 packs FREE.. = 60 packets

Bindi is One of the beautiful Body decoration items and are very easy to use.
Bindis are also used as Body Art Tattoo Wedding & Bridal Fashion Jewelry. Bindis can be worn
on your forehead, or your belly button, on your arm or even as a nose pin, the possibilities are endless and depends on your imagination.

Bindis are to be put on the Thrid eye Position (between the eyebrows)

Bindis can also be reused by applying spirit gum or a clear eyelesh adhesive to the rear of the Bindi.

The High quality of these bindis makes these bindis last long.

Here are just a few of the many ways these bindis can be used:

- As a traditional bindi placed on the forehead between the eyebrows
- As bridal style bindi with multiple bindis framing the eyebrows
- Applied anywhere on the body as a body bindi
- As part of your dancing attire for stage performances
- Faux Nose ring stud (smaller styles work great for those who don't have a nose piercing but
want the pierced look)
- Create works of art using multiple bindis
- Nail art and decor
- Scrap booking decorations
- Decorate your own cell phone covers
- Decorate your notebooks
- Decorate your own keep sake boxes

- Bindi and Henna for Face and Body Decoration.

- Accessories - Bindi make your accessories look Cool -like- shoes, cell phones, iPods, or purses!

- Bindi for Crafts - Try decorating the photo frames, bangle display stands, mirrors, bulletin boards, or doll house furniture and anything you can think of.

- On Belly Button , for Belly Dancing

We have many styles of bindis and we will RANDOMLY select packs and send it to you. Sometimes you get the same as in pic. otherwise equally beautiful pack.

TIP: After the first use, bindis may lose some of their stickiness. You can always save your bindis and get them to stick again by applying bindi glue, eyelash adhesive or spirit gum. Remember to follow the directions on the container of your adhesives.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Velvet, rhinestones

Color: Grey

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