3D Printed Splatoon Hero Shot Kit


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3D Printed Splatoon Hero Shot Kit


About 455mm from nozzle to the end of the ink canister, and about 325mm tall.


This Kit comes in a few, easy to assemble pieces and is to be assembled by the buyer. There is a through hole for a 1/2 dowel to secure and line everything in place. Such a dowel can be purchased from most department stores.

While you can order it in the colors that the game has our 3D prints are raw, and expected to have imperfections. For a smooth look you'll need to sand, fill, and paint yourself. Print lines will be visible, and there might be some gaps where we assemble the prop. But it is a completed piece that doesn't need anymore work.

-It is important to note that this is a listing for a raw, unfinished it.
-When your piece arrives there may be marks from us welding the segments together, small holes, cracks or other imperfections you might want to fill and uneven planes that you might need to sand down to make even.
-This is much less common on our small pieces but generally the bigger the piece the more obvious these issues are. Some larger pieces may also have some warping.
-We're not selling a completed piece but rather a jumping-off point so that you won't have to start from scratch.
-If you place an order be sure that you have all the necessary tools and supplies available and ready before your order arrives.
- We will not be held responsible if, when your piece arrives, you feel you might require any tools, supplies or equipment.
-The majority of our pieces come pre- or partially assembled. If you'd like your piece to come unassembeld we can send it that way upon your request.

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Color: Black

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