DIGITAL FILE: Uber Lyft Custom Welcome Letter Referral Code Sign


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DIGITAL FILE: Uber Lyft Custom Welcome Letter Referral Code Sign


This is a DIGITAL FILE that will be EMAILED to you. You print it out and have it laminated.

Uber Lyft Concierge Custom Welcome Referral Code Signs for Print Digital Download

If you are an Uber or Lyft driver, you want your passengers to feel welcomed in your car. This sign does just that in a very elegant way.

Professionally-written in a classy font, this sign will let your passengers know they are going to be receiving 5 star treatment-- without literally asking for 5 stars. The sign lets them know what amenities are available to them and makes them feel at home.

It is written in Microsoft Word, format, .doc. If you have Word on your computer, you can change/add/remove any of the copy around to fit your needs. If you don't have Word, just let me know what you would like changed and I will do that for you.

Besides the welcoming letter, there is a referral code page where you can add your personal referral codes for Lyft and/or Uber to share with your passengers. This facilitates them to take a photo of your code and sign up to another ride-share platform under your name or share your code. This is great for the passenger because now they can get a free or discounted ride using your code- another reason to give you a tip. And if they do use your code, you will be getting the referral bonus for that as well-
without even lifting a finger or saying a word! All of this is easily editable as well in MS Word. This Referral Sheet is also great if you entice the passenger to sign up as a driver under your name- BIG BONUS for that!

Here's what you do after you get your 2-page digital file:
1. Customize the Welcome Letter in MS Word and make any changes to fit your needs or what you provide.
2. Replace the referral codes in the Referral Code Sheet with your referral code(s).
3. Print them both out. (if you want to put them in multiple places in your car, print additional pairs)
4. Bring them to Office Depot, Staples, Kinkos, Fed-Ex, etc.
5. Have them laminate the two pages back to back
6. Lamination will cost about $2 or $3 for one 8 x 10" lamination. (I recommend the heavy weight, 3mm thick I think. It's worth it. They will be water and vomit-proof and last forever.)

You can stick them in the pouches behind the front seats; punch holes in the top corners and hang them from the headrests with black laces, or double-sided tape one to the front passenger-side dashboard above the glove box.

After reading this letter, your passengers will feel a warm welcome. It will be impossible for them to give you less than a 5-star rating (unless you're a real jerk!) and you won't even have to ask for it. Not to mention- they will be MUCH more likely to give you a tip.

You will make what you pay for this sign back in ONE DAY(night) of driving--if not one single trip!

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Digital PDF File

Size: 8.5" x 11"

Pattern: NONE

Color: White

Occasion: Work, job, driving

Size: 8.5" x 11"

Type: Digital file - .doc format

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