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Vintage Goddess Sekhmet Statue - Ancient Egyptian Lion Goddess Sekhmet

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Vintage Goddess Sekhmet Statue - Ancient Egyptian Lion Goddess Sekhmet


Vintage Goddess Sekhmet Statue - Ancient Egyptian Lion Goddess Sekhmet - Altar Statues.
statue of Ancient Egyptian Art statue of Goddess Sekhmet made in egypt. Large Sekhmet Wearing Sun Disk with It's hieroglyphic cartouche - Ancient altar statue - Goddess of Healing & War - made in Egypt.History

The statues are a depiction of the goddess Sekhmet showing her lioness features from head to toe. The statues feature the fierce eye of the sun god Re and its jaw structure the goddess is known for. Sekhmet's name means "who is powerful". The follower must please the Sekhmet goddess by praying and giving offerings to her Sekhmet statue. If done correctly the Sekhmet would bring peace and help when sick or at war.

The origin of the Sekhmet statues was during the reign of Amenhotep III dynasty 18 (ca 1390-1352 BC). There have been more than six hundred statues that have been recovered from Egypt. Most of these Sekhmet statues were created under Amenhotep III. Sekhmet statues have been found at Amenhotep III Mortuary Temple/Complex at Kom el Heittan on the Theban West Bank and at the Temple of Mut at Karnak on the east bank of the Nile River at Thebes. Sekhmet statues can still be found and traced back to Amenhotep III. The Sekhmet statues are a part of his massive statuary program.

Amenhotep III hoped that the Sekhmet statues would heal him from illness and bring him good fortune for the year. This is why there were so many Sekhmet statues being built and at such a fast pace. We can tell Amenhotep III favored the Sekhmet goddess since he used her statues so much for ritual practices. Many scholars believe that there were a total of 730 statues built which is two statues for everyday of the year.

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Color: Black

Color: black

Length: 9 in

Width: 2 in

Weight: 1 lb

Material: Polystone

Condition: New
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