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‏‎‏ commemorative coin -The Pharaohs' Golden Parade - ‏‎‏Egyptian 50 P

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‏‎‏ commemorative coin -The Pharaohs' Golden Parade - ‏‎‏Egyptian 50 P


‎ Hand made in egypt
type: pendant
style: jewelry coin
Size: 7/8”
Brand: ancientegyptcollection

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commemorative coin -The Pharaohs' Golden Parade -
‎‏Egyptian One Pound Coin Pendant Necklace, (without dents )
The Pharaohs' Golden Parade (Arabic: موكب المومياوات الملكية‎) was an event held in Cairo, Egypt on 3 April 2021, during which twenty-two mummies belonging to Kings and Queens of the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt were moved from the Egyptian Museum to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat
The carriages moved in chronological order of their reigns

King Seqenenre Tao
Queen Ahmose-Nefertari
King Amenhotep I
Queen Meritamun
King Thutmose I
King Thutmose II
Queen Hatshepsut
King Thutmose III
King Amenhotep II
King Thutmose IV
King Amenhotep III
Queen Tiye
King Seti I
King Ramesses II
King Merenptah
King Seti II
King Siptah
King Ramesses III
King Ramesses IV
King Ramesses V
King Ramesses VI
King Ramesses IX
The identity of the Thutmosis I mummy has been questioned, as has that of the mummy of Thutmose II

Product Attributes

Color: Bronze

Style: Jewelry coin

Type: Bronze

Diameter: 7/8” in

Length: 19 in

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