Native American."OOAK". "Circle of Honor" Turquoise N Coral necklace

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Native American."OOAK". "Circle of Honor" Turquoise N Coral necklace


You will Love this necklace of Coral and Turquoise accented with Copper and a Goldstone Fetish Whale in the center of Pendant.
The Pendant is made with Beautiful Genuine Kingsman Turquoise beads and Genuine Coral Rice beads set in a handforged double copper hoop ring, with criss cross between each bead with copper wire for adornment and security and a Goldstone Fetish Whale in the center. The bail is a Copper spiral with a Coral center piece and the Pendant is added to it.
This Beautiful necklace will go great with your white shirt and jeans, or on a black or white dress. Or for that matter, just about anything you wear it will look awesome.
18mm copper wire to make Pendant, pendant bail, and hook and clasp. 20mm copper wire to wrap pendant.
5mm Kingsman Turquoise beads, 6mm, 4mm copper beads, 5x3 Coral Rice beads, 10x13mm Goldstone Fetish Whale
Necklace... 18" long... with Pendant... 22" long
Pendant... 1-1/4" wide... 2" long

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I love Native American Fetishes. Here a little history of why I used this piece.
American Indians have used
fetishes throughout recorded
history; especially the Indians of
the Southwest. A fetish is an
object which is believed to have
magic powers.

Whales play an important role in Inuit and Northwest Coast Native American folklore. Like salmon and buffalo, whales are believed to offer themselves up as food to help the people survive, and therefore hold a special position of honor and respect. Even sighting a whale is considered lucky in many Northwest Coast tribes, and men who were successful whalers were among the highest-esteemed members of traditional Northwest Coast societies. Whales are also associated with wisdom and spiritual awareness in some Salishan tribes.

Whales are also used as a clan animal in some Native American cultures. Tribes with Whale Clans include the Tlingit tribe. Whale is used as a clan crest in some Northwest Coast tribes, and can sometimes be found carved on totem poles.

Materials Used

18mm copper wire to make Pendant, pendant bail, and hook and clasp. 20mm copper wire to wrap pendant.
5mm Kingsman Turquoise beads, 6mm, 4mm copper beads, 5x3 Coral Rice beads, 10x13mm Goldstone Fetish Whale

More Info

Coral is known to be useful in to protect children and old people,
taming tempers, rages and compulsive disorders. And if you are not happy, it can remove depression. So coral is good for spiritual balance in jewelry.
Thousands years ago, coral was used in decorative art objects. The ancient believed that it can prevent ill fortune and offer protection from skin disease when worn as a coral necklace. If you make a dream about coral, then many people believed to foretell recovery from a long illness.
Finally, many people believed that coral is also a good aid for meditation or visualization.
Native Americans believe that the earth is alive and that all things, no matter how small or apparently inanimate, are precious. To the Native Americans, turquoise is life. There are stones medicine men keep in their sacred bundles because they possess powers of healing. Stones and crystals have unique attributed that support and heal us. Turquoise, especially, is known for its positive healing energy, an aid in mental functions, communications and expression and as a protector.
If you're wearing a turquoise ring and you look down and see a crack in your stone, the Native Americans would say "the stone took it", meaning the stone took the blow that you would have received.

Product Attributes

Color: Copper

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SleekStyles on Sep 13, 2011
5 stars

Wow what a wonderful bolo tie!! I absolutely adore it. Every single detail is simply perfect. I am a happy repeat customer, and look forward to more of your awesome creations. Thank you so much!!

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