Island Body Sorbet Scrub - Jazzi Peach 8oz


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Island Body Sorbet Scrub - Jazzi Peach 8oz


Jazzi Peach is prepared with beautifull jasmine and pot marigold flowers... Aromatherapeutic notes are vibrantly peachy and harmonic with vanilla and jasmine... Freshly batched...

Island Body Sorbet Scrub- Customized artisan sea crystals exfoliate the skin, gently removing dead skin cells from the top layer with the antioxidant benefits of grape seed oil and the countless superfood benefits of coconut. This recipe detoxifies topically while increasing the body's circulation, ultimately giving skin natural, tropical glow and radiance. For use on general, undamaged skin types.

Each of our hearty sea salt scrubs recipes are distinctly recognized by their aromatherapeutic attributes,and too, the visual aesthetic that comes with handcrafting unique infusions, each prepared with the finest dried fruit, herbs and flowers... For me, selecting a favorite scrub recipe is an impossibility!!!!! Every one is its own unique indulgence, from InI heart to yours.

Words of power for this recipe set are: Sea Salt, Coconut and/or Grape Seed Oil, Herbs, Fruit, Flowers, Essential and/or Natural Aromatic Oils

Our Honeysuckle Moon handcrafted skin wellness and body spa recipes offer 530+ aromatherapeutic infusions possibilities within our exclusive apothecary line of herbal and aromatherapy products. Recipes are listed on a seasonal basis. If the customized skin wellness recipe you are seeking is currently not listed, feel free to send an email requesting consultation to

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

The years of my life are being measured in small batches... Welcome to honeysuckle Moon! This recipe is our aromatherapy exfoliating body scrub. This recipe can be customized to exceed your dreamiest specifications .. Our Jade Tea Sea Scrub recipe has a crafting life of 5 years, respectively.

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PLEASE NOTE:ALL PENDING LATE JULY-EARLY AUGUST ORDERS WILL BE ON A 2-3 WEEK HIATUS AND WILL BE SHIPPED BY MID-AUGUST 2015. I am in the process of moving into a new space with a bigger kitchen on August 1!!! With this said, product formulation for all pending orders will resume in a couple weeks (early-mid August) and will be promptly shipped as soon as the new Honeysuckle Moon Apothecary Kitchen/Healing Laboratory is in tact. New Products arriving soon, too! Thank you fofr the continuous Love and Support...


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