Natural blue chalcedony pendant fox, strokes are peach, anti-small three women jewelry gifts


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Natural blue chalcedony pendant fox, strokes are peach, anti-small three women jewelry gifts


Feng shui , the fox as a strong sense for peach , with enhanced utility of popularity . Like a fox often wear jewelry for themselves provoke more popularity , especially Yixing Yuan . Yixing Yuan is not a good person best able to obtain a fox to enhance the charm of self ; Yixing Yuan is too busy to serve their own people choose to block this rotten peach , and seek true love. Little Three rival encountered when wearing this baby can get rid of them . Closed Ryoen who lives in the cause of better work -wang husband , the family business was flourishing .
Agate is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism , since ancient times , from time to time when using amulets amulet

Refers to the kind of love and progress, helps eliminate stress , fatigue, sewage and other negative machine energy .

Amount of agate placed under the pillow helps smooth sleep , and to dream every night .

Wearing a belt water agate, can strengthen the affinity, detailed flexibility

Financial resources to help development and prosperity .

Red agate can improve endocrine , promote blood circulation, so that gas discoloration, remove barriers

To avoid the occurrence of impotence and infertility , partial orange onyx rectum , gastrointestinal effects, activate internal organs

Prevent constipation, and his assistant , toxins, liver disease, rheumatism , neuralgia, varicose veins have a soothing function

On women, long-term wear agate skin lubricated hearty mood, enhance blood circulation, the lips are red,

Product Details
- Shape / Type : Pendant / Charm Pendant Natural Blue Chalcedony fox mini three anti- trick Peach positive women jewelry gifts
- Material / Gemstone : Agate / gems
- Category / Type: 100% Type Class A / A / A
- Country of Origin: China
- Refractive index: 1.66 - 1.67
- Specific gravity: 3.33 - 3.34
- Colors and varieties are : blue , cold varieties
- Dimensions: Height : 36mm Width : 26mm Thickness : 8mm
- Weight ( g / ct ) : ~ 23.8 g / 119 kt
- Condition: Excellent
- Accessories: adjustable necklace cord

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Leia0887 on Sep 1, 2018
1 stars

I just received my order and I am very disappointed !! First the pendant is not exactly like the picture : position, details and specially delicacy !! Secondly the necklace is not the same ever ! just few pearls, just a cordon ! I understand better the attractive price...
MStrinado on May 24, 2017
5 stars

Most excellent! Thank-you!
Tzipora396277 on Oct 1, 2016
2 stars

The beads I bought were open carving more rounded beads. Got different beads not as nice and not open carving. The jade is dyed not natural color. At least he sent me a nice sterling necklace with it, maybe because he knew it is not what I paid for.
Patron227988 on Sep 29, 2013
4 stars

Pendants are works of art.

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