good luck 100% natural "pi Yao" citrine pendant brave asking for the moon, help the cause


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good luck 100% natural "pi Yao" citrine pendant brave asking for the moon, help the cause


One , brave legends and Records
Brave ( tone skin off ) is an auspicious , and the dragon , unicorn , like neither exists in the present world . In the legend ; had helped defeat the Yellow Emperor Chi , in addition to the ancient dragon and lion dances , there are also dance brave . In Taoist "Please God Po Patent " article, that there is one God only taboo is " innate jurisdiction fall Lingguan Wang Tianjun ," God Save the bears Thor's post, there are millions of more traditional " brave god " is responsible for inspections of heaven , similar picket earth work , soar clouds , orders Thunder , rain open eyes, broken stone mountains to catch fairies , closing plague -drug volts demons , preparedness demons , plagues , ghosts disturb heaven .
In the Han Dynasty " Western Regions " There is a record: " Hugo Peach State pull away from the mountain lion , urine cow ." Meng Kang Note Day: " Peach pull, pull day breaks , like Luk Mei Long , who called the day deer horn , horns are known as evil ." Evil is brave it.
Legend of the dragon have nine sons brave ninth child . Energy clouds, orders Thunder , rain open sunny . According to legend, evil spirits to ward off evil , the town house of the power of the dragon have nine sons , supernatural mixed. His son brave , wins the parent thousandfold , long mouth , seemingly toad , Phi scales, A shaped like a unicorn , take the beast 's excellent, there is no ass mouth , swallowing everything without diarrhea . Plus can move money, can Treasure , not only into specific supernatural powers . Biography brave because breach of heaven , the Jade Emperor fine him pull allowed only allowed to eat . So brave is money for food , and satisfied food Quartet windfall enrichment stomach is a sac, while urging the official transport .
According to another panda expert Professor Zhang Hemin concentrated family said in ancient books , the panda is known as known as brave (pixiu). " Records of the Historian . Wudi ", the narrative of the Chinese " Five Emperors ," the first of the Yellow Emperor , and his country as "There Xiong ", not only bear this respect wildlife , and be able to bear ( black bear ) , brown bear ( brown bear ) , brave ( panda ) and other wild animals clearly distinguished .
Records also recalled a story: 4000 years ago, the Yellow Emperor commanding tamed tigers and leopards , bears, brown bear , brave and so beast tribe, in Osaka Izumi ( Zhuolu County ) defeated another tribal leader Chi . Because of the war more famous plate springs , so the Western Han Dynasty historian Sima Qian will it be recorded . In addition to "Historical Records ", the Chinese first recount ancient deeds "Book " in the " Mushi " chapter has described , dating back 3,000 years ago , King Wu of Zhou 's forces " such as the tiger , such as PI ," Makino defeated in business Zhou five armies , until future generations , but also with brave analogy brave sergeant , invincible. In Buddhism, brave Jizo is also used as a horse, but is called " listening " , but no different from a modeling point of view and brave .
Second, the brave styling
Brave is a ferocious auspicious , is like a phoenix , unicorn equally divided into female and male , the male called " PI " female named " Xiu ", but now divided into male and female are not handed down to it. There are brave ancient corner or corners into , corner called " Tian Lu " horns called " evil " and later no sub corner or corners, mostly iceberg modeling based. In the south , most people like to call this auspicious as " brave " , while in the north it is still referred to as " evil ." Result in " Tian Lu " is more used to call these people less auspicious , some people call it the "monster " or " grotesque" and so on.
Many brave styling , it is difficult subdivision. After a change of dynasties , brave relatively uniform shape , faucets, horse , Lin feet, forehead under long beard, costal have wings, fly, and the fierce and majestic , if short wings , horns , prehensile tail , mane shall often associated with chest or spine together, proptosis, long fangs . Now common to , the more popular is the head of a corner of the shape , the body with a long mane rolled up, some of them have wings , tail hair tendrils . It has one of the greatest features of this beast no anus, not only into a metaphor for the wealth and fortune .
Third, the function of the brave
So brave in feng shui for exorcism , ward off evil , the town house whose power is unquestionable . According to legend, brave treasure favorite flavor , often biting back gold and silver to discuss the owner's favor, and therefore had a saying which Lucky thing. Thus Cai brave otherwise the function . Brave in the five feng shui with fire is , can provoke a lot of money , so that the world financial resources since opened.
In the family home or place of work placement brave the appropriate location , to be received by Cai effect. Generally do partial line of people think that " brave " Wang fiscal side will , so they will be placed in a place of business of the Company or brave , is a partial line industry has foreign exchange, equities , finance , horse racing , futures and so on. Brave and Kirin differ brave is fierce auspicious , the role of a town house from evil spirits , but also use it to ancient tomb is the tomb guardian beast , generally tomb tombs can be seen , we can see its murderous brave .
Feng Shui can be placed in the brave Gigabit , many geographic divisions are considered urge financial role, and in eight different directions , generally made of jade brave display , urge financial strength will be strong . In fact, for being brave or partial financial wealth will be beneficial, so brave as popular in recent years for signs ; however , the use of fiscal Laicui brave , always a little religious overtones , it is positive in Xuan Kong Da Gua your God is God of Day Bird rabbit auspicious time or the sun , the opening of the brave urge financial strength is the strongest, whether work is being row or partial row . But one thing to note that people who commit crimes , fiscal reminder brave may not have the power , this is the characteristics they reveal . Brave role in feng shui can be divided into the following descriptions:
1, there is the role of the town house from evil spirits , will have to put the opening of the brave home, can make home run well, good luck strengthened off evil, there is the town house of the effect, become the home of the patron saint , Paul family peace.
2, there is increasingly the role of fiscal Cai , especially on the side lines , income floating who wonders, such as sales , business, foreign exchange, equities , financial , color horse , futures, casinos and more. Except that helps outside the alignment wealth also helped, so the businessman should also put brave in the company or at home .

Natural yellow Description:
Citrine in the gemstone industry called "Crystal Topaz " and its color from pale yellow , yellow, orange , gold two kinds . Since the luminance and saturation are very good, as long as the transparency and smooth, call the top grade , but it is far topaz moment, so favored by consumers , is often cut pendant or ring surfaces. Since natural citrine extremely scarce, prices are also expensive .
Aka "Fortune" stone ", Origin: Brazil citrine main Windfall , wearing citrine, can enhance the gas field, yellow material life and wealth will affect the opportunities , gather wealth karma ; amber correspond sun gear, stomach will certainly help the digestive system citrine wear, can enhance self- confidence, self- firm position .
The role of natural citrine and effectiveness :
1 , citrine main Windfall . Commonly known as the stone of wealth . Mild yellow to give impetus to the human mind , in order to enhance the aura of harmony , people are full of confidence and joy.
2 , citrine, also known as the "merchant stone" , a stable career development , the frequency of similar wealth can bring wealth. Citrine brings windfall , can enhance the gas field, yellow will affect the material life and wealth , can create unexpected wealth , is engaged in commercial companies and merchant services indispensable treasure recruit , supervise financial implications.
3 , the mind clear, detailed and sensible things , patience, higher efficiency , but also makes home and concentrated health.
4 , orange citrine main umbilical round , there is tension digestion, help the stomach and other digestive functions. Gemini Guardian Stone mainly gastrointestinal !
5 , yellow citrine energy corresponds to the human body sun wheel, which is the center of one of the most energy efficient , and can feed themselves, so if the long-term wear yellow crystals, which can enhance self-confidence , stand firm .
Citrine, also known as " rich stone ." Citrine main Windfall , could create a windfall. Citrine corresponds to the sun wheel, the stomach will certainly help the digestive system.
Product Details
Shape / Type : Pendant
- Material / Gem : natural crystal
- Shipping / Handling : International shipping standards ( 10-18 Days Delivery )
- Level / Type : 100% grade A / A / A grade
- Refractive index: 1.66 - 1.69
- Specific gravity: 3.33 - 3.34
- Colors and varieties: yellow , cold varieties
- Size : 36 × 21 × 14mm
- Weight ( g / CT): 46 g / 230 kt
- Grassy Gloss: Gloss
- Surface texture : COFCO
- Condition: Excellent

Shipping Policy
According chargeable weight ( NW ) , transport / handle for charging, billing weight in the item description , are listed in the chart below lists the S / H ratio
EMS: express mail service, 4-8 days to USA, Canada , UK, Australia and other places , S / H charges , other counties different
Standard International Shipping: Global 10-18 days package 2 kg or less. S / H in the U.S. than in other countries , from 2 kg bag fees.
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All of our package will be shipped with online tracking number, registered mail , I'm sorry , we do not send packages unregistered .

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Materials Used

Natural Citrine

Product Attributes

Color: Grey

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Leia0887 on Sep 1, 2018
1 stars

I just received my order and I am very disappointed !! First the pendant is not exactly like the picture : position, details and specially delicacy !! Secondly the necklace is not the same ever ! just few pearls, just a cordon ! I understand better the attractive price...
MStrinado on May 24, 2017
5 stars

Most excellent! Thank-you!
Tzipora396277 on Oct 1, 2016
2 stars

The beads I bought were open carving more rounded beads. Got different beads not as nice and not open carving. The jade is dyed not natural color. At least he sent me a nice sterling necklace with it, maybe because he knew it is not what I paid for.
Patron227988 on Sep 29, 2013
4 stars

Pendants are works of art.

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