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6 Clamshell Soy Wax Tart Melts SAVE


Choose any six (6) Clam shell breakaway melts and save. Six breakaways are regularly $21.00 but when selecting to purchase 6 breakaways you pay only $18.90, that's a 10% discount!
Please choose up to six different fragrances and either email me your selection or type in your selection in PayPal's notes during checkout.



Almond Creme: Intense Almond balanced by a fusion of rich creme and kissed by a hint of cherry. A full strength, full out Almond that reaches out and hugs you!

Apple Cinnamon: What a wonderful combination! A highly scented apples and cinnamon fragrance.

Apple Pie: Smells just like moms hot apple pie cooling in an open window.

Apricot & Cream: Succulent, bright & ripe apricots are halved and drenched in farm fresh sweetened cream. A delightful late summer treat!

Autumn Spice: A spicy blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, pumpkin and other spices.

Baby Powder: A great duplication of the real baby powder smell.

Banana Nut Bread: A warm loaf of bread with banana, nut, & spice baked in. yummmmmy!

Bay Rum: A sharp, earthy scent- a favorite for mens products!

Bayberry: A traditional favorite for the holidays. Bayberry, while not a coniferous plant, has piney, woodsy, and sweet berry notes that collectively characterize the holiday season.

Birds of Paradise: A fantasy scent to compliment the exquisite beauty of the Bird of Paradise flower found in the tropical climates. A calming tropical blend of sweet strawberries, juicy pomegranate, creamy vanilla, and coconut milk with hints of rose petals and soft jasmine.

Blueberry Cheesecake: A mouth watering blueberry compote layered with a warm and buttery graham cracker crust.

Blueberry Crumble: To die for blueberry desert! Just like grandma use to make from fresh blueberries pick fresh from behind the woodshed.

Blueberry Muffins: Fresh baked blueberry muffins - still warm from the oven.

Butterfly Kisses: As sweet as a smile, hug and gentle kiss (clean floral).

Cherry Blossom: As fresh and inviting as the blossoms in early spring.

Cinnamon Bun: As tantalizing as homemade cinnamon buns baking in the oven.

Cinnamon Stick: A very strong cinnamon with pronounced woody notes. Just like a natural cinnamon stick!

Coconut: All you need is de lime! A crisp tropical treasure fallen from the palm tree! Makes you think of laying on a beach while getting the perfect island tan!

Cookie Dough: Experience all of the delicious goodness of raw cookie dough without the calories!

Coolwater: A designer match - very clean, strong and sexy.

Creamy Cinnamon Vanilla: The cinnamon is the strongest out there and it just mellowed slightly by the addition of a sweet creamy vanilla. Absolutely Scrumptious!

Cucumber Aloe: Freshly sliced cucumbers blended with aloe vera creates this clean, refreshing fragrance.

Cucumber Cantaloupe: This summer-time fragrance captures the sweetness of juicy cantaloupe and crisp green cucumbers.

Dreamcatcher: One of the most beautiful, unique scents in the world! A soft, powdery floral with undertones of designer perfume. A one-of-a-kind fragrance. This scent will just take you away to another land within your mind!

Dreamsicle: A mix of orange and vanilla cream, just like an orange creamsicle from the ice-cream man!

Eucalyptus: The soothingly cool, refreshing smell of the eucalyptus plant. Like breathing in fresh green air!

Freesia: Smells just like fresh freesia flowers blooming in the spring.

Fresh Squeezed Oranges: A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice on a sunny Florida morning!

Georgia Peach: Peaches, Peaches... This one is popular and for good reason. It smells exactly like a basket of fresh peaches

Gingerbread: An aromatic blend of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove baked with sweet vanilla.

Herbal Lavender & Lemongrass: A nice, clean infusion of fresh lavender and herbal lemongrass.

Home for the Holidays: A pleasing blend of spruce, lightly sweetened bakery notes, cinnamon spice, and candied fruits. Enjoy the warmth of the holiday season. Happy Holidays.

Honeysuckle: This lovely, sweet smelling floral is very delicate and a great spring-time and summer-time scent

Jasmine: An exotic, sweet, warm, floral bouquet.

Lavender: The timeless fragrance of English lavender. Romantic- classic- and uplifting. Powerful romantic abilities.

Lemon Pucker: Tart zingy lemon that'll make your lips pucker when you smell it! A true lemon zest, like a just squeezed lemon!

Lemon Vervena: This is absolutely the BEST lemon I have found! Tangy yet smooth, with no fuel or furniture polish notes. Very clean & fresh and a candle fills the room with true lemon.

Lilac: You will not find another scent that is as close to real lilac as this one.

Lily of the Valley: Sweet and strong, just like Easter flowers.

Lovespell (Type): A fresh blend of citrus, peaches, black currant, rose petals with a sweet musky base.

Mint Chocolate: Chocolate dinner mints with minty green centers.

Ocean Mist: A fresh, clean spray of water from the ocean on a hot summer day.

Orange Blossom: The flowers of orange trees, are attractive and enticingly aromatic. If you've ever been in Florida on a beautiful Spring day, you'll be reminded of the orange blossom scent when you smell our fragrance oil. It's sweet, citrusy, fresh, and romantically pleasant. Orange blossom flowers have long been associated with good fortune and are commonly used in bridal bouquets.

Patchouli: This strong fragrance was popular in the 70's and is still a classic today. A deep earthy, musky scent. This is not your typical patchouli, but more on the perfumey side!

Peppermint: Fresh, clean, cool and minty. A true sharp peppermint...perfect for holiday candles or just everyday!

Pine Needle: A strong, clean pine like walking through a Christmas tree farm.

Rain Fall: A nice fresh floral scent after a spring shower.

Rose Bouquet: Absolutely like a bouquet of fresh roses. Highly potent, but not at all sharp and will make your house smell like your local flower shop.

Sea Breeze: Aquatic aroma typical of shallow coves hidden along the shores where one can search for crabs and other crustaceans among the kelp.

Sea Spray: A nice clean scent that reminds you of walking along the boardwalk during a sudden summer storm.

Spice: This scent was described as an "Old Spice" duplicate, but some customers have told us they didn't think so. This is a nice spicy manly scent anyways. You won't be disappointed!

Spice Cake: Simply the best fresh baked spice cake chocked full of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Spring Blossoms: A very sweet, delicate floral fragrance with notes of sweet pea, freesia, lilies and heather.

Spring Rain: An awesome floral with a hint of spice. A Light and relaxing spa type fragrance.

Strawberry: A sweet strawberry that'll remind you of candy!

Strawberry Cheesecake: Fresh tangy strawberries with a hint of baked cream cheese cake.

Strawberry Jam: You will do a double take when you first open the jar and sniff...SEEDS!! You can smell the little black seeds from the strawberries! Ripe juicy berries and just that little "something" to make this an incredibly realistic Strawberry Jam scent.

Sunflower: This scent is as bright and cheery as real sunflowers in bloom.

Vanilla Bean: Vanilla is mainly used for love spells, but it can also be used for luck, success, energy restoration, magical power, and mental strength. I'm not too sure about all that hype, but I do know that this is a nice vanilla scent that closely resembles the vanilla in your own kitchen cabinet.

Materials Used

clam shell, soy wax, dye, fragrance

Product Attributes

Color: Grey

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United States
First Item: $6.20
Additional Items: $6.20



I shipped using USPS. It's really hard to be exact with the shipping prices. The shipping price you see is only an estimate. If the actual cost is more than $1.00 off, I will gladly refund you the difference. Example: I quote a shipping price of $6.99 and the actual cost is really $5.40 I will refund $1.59. If the cost is actually $6.50, then I will not refund the difference.

Processing Information:

I do not have a large stock on hand, and most orders are hand-poured as I receive them. Please allow up to 7 business days to process your order.


I really do want you to be happy with your purchases. I highly recommend you ordering small amounts at first or ordering a variety of scents before you commit to a large order of all one scent.

If a product is defective, I'll do a full refund including shipping within 30 days (ie. a tart melt warmer doesn't warm). You must return the merchandise and all of its packaging within the 30 day time period.

If you decide you don't want the item, I'll refund any unopened and unused merchandise minus any shipping within 10 days. You must pay all shipping costs.


ArtfullyRecycled on Sep 27, 2010
5 stars

Lovely soaps with quick shipping. I'll be back.
shesbattydesigns on May 14, 2009
5 stars

Perfect transaction! I could smell the great scents as soon as I opened the mail box!!! They are HIGHLY potent which was just what i was looking for!! Thank you so much :)
JanOnipenco on Apr 4, 2009
5 stars

Just opened my box of goodies and am already using them. Excellent transaction, I'll be back . . .lol!!!
ArtFirePresident on Jan 1, 1970
5 stars

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