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Jasper Bracelet, Ocean and Fancy Gemstones, Zebra Jade, Toggle Clasp

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Rectangular beads of ocean jasper are combined with rounds of fancy jasper and amber zebra jade in this handmade bracelet that is perfect for seaside strolling - or dreams of it! Each ocean jasper bead is its own palette of earthy colors that bring to mind the tidal pools of a rocky shoreline. These are warm hues in general, with brownish green cast in places and a slightly ochre tone in others. The foremost bead (central one) reminds me a bit of kelp washed ashore. My pictures for these beads includes both sides, as it is possible to simply flop the beads to whatever side you prefer to show.

The fancy jasper rounds are bordered with silver-plated daisy spacers, with the two foremost beads a bluish green and the back two a very deep and dark green. They are nestled between small zebra jade rounds, which, although labeled by their seller as amber, are more of a rich warm brown with areas of lighter, almost golden brown. Each one is naturally different and very organic looking.

At the very ends of the bracelet are silver-plated corrugated melon beads, with crimp cover added to hide the bead-wire securing crimps below. The clasp is a toggle type, with wave-like spirals or swirls decorating it.

The beading wire used for this bracelet is 19-strand satin silver, and is doubled for added security. Lengthwise, this pretty piece measures around 7 and 5/8 inches. Please see my fourth picture for a photo illustration that includes a ruler.

All in all, this is a stylishly unique and lovely bracelet!

Here is some information on the stones used for it:

Jasper in general is seen as a positive and nurturing gemstone, with the ability to help lift the spirits and protect the wearer from various forms of negativity.

Ocean jasper is believed to nurture patience, emotional healing, and a joyful spirit. It is considered a very positive stone that helps people perceive the good things in life, despite appearances to the contrary, and that aids in the appreciation of life's blessings and the value of loved ones. The ability to focus on the moment, rather than worrying about the future or regretting the past, is also connected to this gemstone. Not surprisingly, Ocean jasper is associated with the heart chakra, and thought to help with the solar plexus and throat.

Fancy Jasper is considered a stress-reliever and an aid to relaxation, peaceful feelings, and clear-minded focus. Supposedly it is a powerful stone for self-grounding in order to problem solve.

Zebra Jade is thought to be a power stone of balance and patience that helps its wearer to perceive both sides of a situation.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I hail from Rhode Island, which is dubbed "The Ocean State" and so have spent my share of time investigating tidal pools and wonders along the sea. There is a special seaside path I love in the state's South County, a walkway alongside a rocky patch of coast, with lots of tide pools to peer into at low tide and, in summer, a green tangle of bushes and wild rose on the landward side. I was thinking of that path when choosing the stones and creating this bracelet: the green of the land, the bluish green of the water, the tide pools, and the various earthy tones of the rocks. I think of this bracelet as "the peaceful seaside path" that can go with you, even into the desert. :)

Materials Used

Ocean jasper rectangles (14x18mm), fancy jasper (10mm), zebra jade (6mm), spacer beads, 19 strand beading wire (satin silver doubled), decorative toggle clasp

Product Attributes

Color: Brown


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