woolly mammoth tusk,fossil mammoth,bone carving,luxury gift,pleistocen

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woolly mammoth tusk,fossil mammoth,bone carving,luxury gift,pleistocen


This is a real part of a fragment of a woolly mammoth tusk found a few months ago in permafrost in Yakutia. 100% ORIGINAL - mammoth bone in very good condition, there are traces of time on the tusk. Small surface micro cracks do not spoil the species, but on the contrary emphasize its age, while not reducing its value. The tusk itself has no losses throughout the surface, only a slight chipping at the tip of the tusk, which does not affect its appearance, value and perception. One should take into account the age of the object more than 0.01-0.12 million years!, such an age could not but leave a seal of time on it, but at the same time an excellent condition of the mammoth bone made it possible to carve a tusk. This is a small composition depicting the figures of the mammoth family, prehistoric bison and woolly rhino, all those who lived on our planet in those distant times. Due to the fact that he lay in the ice in permafrost, his structure was not disturbed, and he did not petrified. The mammoth tusk did not lose its qualities, which made it possible to carve on its surface. Not every tusk even having the same color and appearance, allows you to carve on it, this suggests that for thousands of years that he lay in the ice he did not have access to oxygen, the bone did not dry and did not lose its qualities. In fact, the bone is very difficult to process and in order for the tusk to look exactly like in the photos presented, very much work was done to clean it, polishing and carving it. This is clearly visible on the polished part of the mammoth bone. In order for the stand to correspond to the status of the tusk, the pedestal was made of mountain elm kappa, whose age is more than 150 years. Part of the elements of the stand, supplemented by the African tree wenge (pango pango). Everything is covered with natural shellac according to the old technology, which makes it possible to better color the texture of the tree. The tusk is fixed on a specially made day of it, a bronze support. This is a perfectly preserved historical rarity, weighing a little more than 2 kg., 24 inches long (almost 60 cm) between the two ends of the tusk. The height of the entire composition, at the highest point, is - 17 inches (43 cm). For collectors and lovers of antiquity, this tusk of woolly mammoth will be an excellent acquisition, like a unique historical rarity or a very expensive luxury gift. And those who want to decorate their house or office, he will give an unforgettable solid look, since this is not just history, but historical value. Unfortunately, the number of such finds in such a beautiful state is not infinite, and sharply decreases, which means that over time it will become even more unique and much more expensive. Buying such a rant, you not only acquire a unique thing, but also invest your funds.
If you have any additional questions, you can send them to me and I will be happy to answer them.


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woolly mammoth tusk,mammoth bone, pleistocene, fossil mammoth, archaeological find, artifact, rare and unique, luxury gift



Before 1800


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woolly mammoth tusk, mammoth bone, pleistocene, fossil mammoth, archaeological find, mountain ilm burl, bronze, wenge wood

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Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I wanted my work from woolly mammoth tusk to become an expensive and luxurious gift for someone. And delighted its owner with its uniqueness, a rare fossil with such a long history of our planet.

Materials Used

mammoth tusk, pleistocene fossil mammoth, mammoth bone, mountain ilm burl, bronze, wenge wood, natural shellac

More Info

archaeological find,historical rarity,artifact,rare fossil,luxury gift,petrified,rare and unique,antiquities,rare finds,bone carving

Product Attributes

Color: White

Material: woolly mammoth tusk,mammoth bone,fossil petrified,bone carving

Occasion: birthday, anniversary date, memorable date, celebration,gift

Theme: archaeological find,historical rarity,artifact,rare fossil,petri

Style: art deco, classic, modern, country, loft

Shape: luxury gift, Art object, artwork, collectible

Length: 24 in

Height: 17 in

Width: 5 in

Weight: 2500 Gram

Color: brown, beige, milky, cream,ivory, bronze

Finish: glossy, matt, polished

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