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  • Short-Irregular Mixed Pound of ACM5212 and CM4252 Silver Glass Cane

    This package contains approximately 1/2 pound each of ACM5212 and CM4252 short-irregular glass cane. These glasses contain silver, and have the potential to strike to virtually any color, depending on how they are worked. ACM5212 and CM4252 are fairly similar in color and working characteristics. The cane itself is primarily opaque, although some of it has an opaque surface and very dark amber core, with the CM4252 ranging from olive green to light brown and ACM5212 canes typically a little darker in color. Because these are end cuts and shorts left over from cane production the length and uniformity varies greatly. Most of the cane is between 4 and 8 inches long and is tapered in shape with one end thicker than the other. ACM5212 strikes hard and fast, showing good color that tends towards dark to milky blues, dark amber/browns, and cream color. It generally shows good surface webbing and color variations. Striking can be a little tricky and striking before it gets too cold, just as amber is starting to show in spots, seems to give the best results. CM4252 glass tends to strike to rich, dark colors with a strong tendency for surface webbing of color. Starting the striking sequence over again once it has overstruck is fairly easy and usually leads to increased surface webbing of color. Anyone who has used some of the early "type A" StrikingColor glasses will recognize the way these glass work. They are both similar to those glasses. Compatibility with other 104 COE glasses should be good, although testing with any glass you intend to mix it with is strongly recommended before going into production, especially if doing a full clear encasement. If there is a compatibility mismatch, full encasement will usually produce the most stress between the two glasses. Encasement in clear usually make striking more difficult to control, so I generally recommend against it anyway. Obviously, compatibility will not be an issue if this glass is used by itself. Both of these glasses can color shift if the annealing temperature is too high. 920F or less is recommended to minimize any color change, but may not eliminate color shifting entirely. Because neither of these are among my easier glasses to work, I do not recommend them for anyone who has previously had problems using striking silver glass or for use with a HotHead or other single fuel torches. While I personally work with a Nortel Minor torch using bottled oxygen and propane, many of my customers use oxygen concentrators without problems. My experience is that the glass works best in a neutral to oxidizing flame, although experimentation is the ideal way to determine what works best with your particular torch and fuel combination. Because silver glasses can require intermediate to advanced techniques to successfully develop the color(s), StrikingColor glass is not recommend for beginners or those with limited experience working with silver glasses. SHIPPING: Please allow up to 5 business days for shipping. Shipping is a flat $10.00 to the USA, no matter the quantity. I will gladly combine shipping on multiple orders. If you place multiple orders and get overcharged by ArtFire for shipping, I will refund the overage.

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