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  • Terra Cotta Corn Woman Beads They look like an ear of Maize

    Terra cotta or terracotta literally means "baked earth" the dark reddish brown color came from the iron oxide in the clay. 25 Terra Cotta Silk Corn Woman beads--they look like an ear of Maize! Extremely hard to find, these wonderful little 'ear of corn' beads are a Must for any southwest style project. I have been searching for them for 2 years and finally found a supplier so I could bring them to you. These are genuine Czech pressed glass beads and measure 19 X 5mm. Almost all of our Southwest Indian cultures have a Corn woman or maiden story. My favorite is the The Lakota Plains Indians story that a white she-buffalo brought their first corn. A beautiful woman appeared on the plain one day. When hunters approached her, she told them to prepare to welcome her. They built a lodge for the woman and waited for her to reappear. When she came, she gave four drops of her milk and told them to plant them, explaining that they would grow into corn. The woman then changed into a buffalo and disappeared.

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