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Posted On: Oct 14, 2014 at 10:40am MST

This main post will be updated with notes that mention when and how issues are addressed.  

Already Changed:

Shop Sections Management
The link for managing shop sections is in My ArtFire under the "Studio" tab.  Sections are managed in a similar manner as before.

Photo Size Recommendations
Large photos can make use of the "Click to Zoom" function that is enabled for all sellers now.  Portrait orientations can work well in the new design.  

Visual Catalog
This is an alternate "shop home" display method.  This option is turned on/off via the sections page:

Seller Tools on Item Page
10/9/2014 - Added seller tools back to item page.  
10/17/2014 - Fixed an issue with the Deactivate and Delete options

Similar/Related Items on Item Page
10/17/2014 - Added "similar" items to bottom of many item pages, this shows a random set of items that match the current items seller section.  

Click to Zoom
10/17/2014 - Fixed the zoom option and moved it to the corner of a product image so that longer captions don't affect the zoom icons layout.    

When enabled, the items on your shop's home page are replaced with image links to your sections, the main image is taken from the most recently listed product in a section.  

Changes Coming For:

Coming soon, option between solid color or one of many different patterns.  Animation effect will be togglable.  
10/7/2014 - Banner can be managed via "Header Background" page under the Studio tab in MyArtFire:
The color option can be used by itself or, if a pattern is selected, the color option will only affect the background color behind your shop's name.  
10/28/2014 - Options added for custom image background and custom text. 

Coming back soon.  Will be managed via a page in My ArtFire
10/7/2014 - Avatar can be added or changed via My Avatar page under the Studio tab in MyArtFire:

Social Media Buttons
Coming back next week in new design, will be based on traffic source popularity. 
10/10/2014 - Added social sharing options to item pages, currently looking at colors and may tone down or use gray versions of the sharing logos.  
10/14/2014 - Neutral colors and resolved issues with Facebook using the Favorite logo.

Catalog vs sections vs categories
This language choice is being reviewed along with analytics for customer behavior that has been tracked so far.  

Market Hub
Coming back in some form, may not be a priority for the holiday shopping season. 

Fixes coming for:

10/13/2014 - Added "User Action" area for adding items to collection queue for logged in users.  

Under review:

Rearrange shop
The "Merchandizer" rearrange shop function will not come back for now. Recently listed, or edited vs most popular items (views) will be looked at as shop sorting methods. We're also  reviewing visual section/catalog image navigation. 

Custom widgets will not work with a responsive design.  That space has been removed.
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